Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Baby Elle: 9 Months Old!

3/4 of a year old and Jack is potty trained!  It's been a big month around here!  We have been SO busy and the weather has been incredibly HOT.  This time around I can really sense how quickly time passes and I want to keep Elle a little baby  as long as possible.  I swore my first year with Jack was possibly the longest and hardest year of my life, and time keeps flying by with these two to keep me busy!  Jack decided one day that he wanted a "small potty" and after we bought him one......he's been using it ever since!  Soooo that was easy???  

Age: 9 Months
Weight/Size: 19.5 lbs and 29.5 inches long (70th and 95th percentile!)
Eye & Hair Color, Teeth: 4 teeth, two bottom were first followed by the "fangs"
Favorite/New Words: Mom-ma (YES!), D-D, Baa-baa
Favorite Activities:  Bathtime, playing in the "bone room" with Jack, playing Pat-a-cake & Peek-a-boo
Signature Moves:  Besides falling backwards while sitting, from time to time she'll roll over on her stomach to play, still no mobility though and refuses to stand
Likes:  Playing with the light switches, any toys that light up and make noise, seeing anyone go up or down the stairs, and playing in the pool or bath
Dislikes: She's such a easygoing baby that it's hard to even think of something, unlike my sweet son Jack.....she dislikes being hungry.  LOL
Mommy Likes & Dislikes:  That I can put her long hair into a ponytail!!  And literally every time I look at her she smiles or kicks her ankles on the ground as loud as she can to show she's excited Dislikes: All the gear I have to haul around with me, Jack just needs a snack now!
Sleeps: 7:30-6/6:30am, two naps at 9:30 & 2:30 that go from 45min to 1.5 hours
Looking forward to: when Ellie decides she wants to become slightly mobile....but she's so cute.  Stay small please!

....this past month in pictures....


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