Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Baby Elle: 8 Months

This past month has been huge!  Ellie took her first family vacation in Palm Springs, which included her first flight ever, said "Da-Da", started eating finger foods and dropped her 3 nap!  It's been so fun watching her develop this month and her personality is really starting to come through!  She still refuses to stand or attempt to crawl, although I've been catching her on her tummy via the crib camera looking as though she's practicing trying to crawl....stay tuned.  I didn't think she could get more excited when she sees Jackson- she now screams, kicks and desperately tries to touch him and pull his hair/clothes/toys- Jack is constantly reprimanding her throughout the day (No no Baby!  That's too loud Baby!  Don't touch my teeth Baby!  I want that Baby!).  She is full of smiles and loves to be social, and also totally in love with Travis- she is definitely a Daddy's girl :)  

Age: 8 Months
Weight/Size: Almost too heavy to carry and almost too long for her infant car seat!
Eye & Hair Color, Teeth: Her hair is still getting lighter, and even starting to change color with all the sun we are getting (like Jacks!), 3 teeth, and green/blue eyes!

Favorite/New Words: Dada!  Yes....Dad wins again.  My Mom also swear she heard her say DD too
Favorite Activities:  Playing in the water table, rolling around on her back playing with her toys, chasing Jack around the house (Mom chasing Jack holding her)
Signature Moves:  Rolling onto her stomach now to get closer to toys or Jack, pulling Jack's hair
Likes:  Being outside, Jack of course, reading books in Jack's room before nap time, her crib, anything she can chew on, and Momma's necklaces
Dislikes: Baby food.  Fun right? Makes mealtimes interesting.
Mommy Likes & Dislikes:  Her eyes continue to amaze me, and she's such a smiley baby that I'm constantly reminded that I might be doing a good job! Dislikes: Blowouts in Target (every.time.)
Sleeps: We are officially on a 2-nap schedule after coming back from Palm Springs, and I've successfully moved her up to a 6:15am wake time (from 5:30)!  She wakes about 6:15, plays in her crib until I get her up, naps @ 9:30 & 2pm, and goes down around 7:30!
Looking forward to: All the crazy cute summer outfits she will wear, ruffled bloomers and dresses oh my.....and the 4th of July weekend coming up!  Happy 4th!

....this past month in pictures....

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