Saturday, May 2, 2015

Baby Ellie Belle: 1/2 Year Old! Happy 6 Months little love!

We still say we hit the Baby Lotto  with this little girl, and every day she is reminding us of that with her smiles, squeals of laughter, and overall easy-going temperament.  She is loving peek-a-boo, doing anything that involves interaction with her brother Jack, seeing Daddy when he comes home at night, and waking up to Mommy coming to the crib in the mornings by kicking furiously!  She has also noticed Hunter (DeeDee) and he's seriously in love with her- sits next to her, on her, she pulls his ears....and he loves all of it!  How could you not love her with a face like this??  We love you to pieces Miss Ellie Belle, Happy 1/2 Birthday pretty pretty Princess! xoxo

Age: 6 Months
Weight/Size: 26.5 inches (75th in height) 15 1/2 lbs (50th in weight)
Eye & Hair Color, Teeth: Dark/Medium brown, medium green/blue and still no sign....
Favorite/New Words: Happy squeals and blowing raspberries with her tongue
Favorite Activities:  Playing in her "fish tank" or mad scientist chair, being held up high in the air or upside down
Signature Moves:  Beginning to sit up unassisted! She is also SO close to finding her feet!
Likes:  Her brother of course, playing peek-a-boo, playing independently in the playroom, teepee games with Jack, chewing her mini-Sophie giraffe, bubbles in the backyard, and bath time
Dislikes: being held like a baby (cradle position) and the Ergo carrier
Mommy Likes & Dislikes:  Her giggles, perfect lips and big blue eyes! Dislikes: Power naps
Sleeps: About 7pm-6am isn with some or no wakings, with 3 naps about 2.5-3 hours apart each, one of those is long and the rest are short 45 minute ones
Changes in Mood/Behavior:  She's increasingly becoming a little difficult to settle for her last (power nap) of the day, and knows if she lets out a mad scream we will come to her!  
Eating:  6-8oz bottles morning & after each nap and 4oz bottle before bed, started solids two weeks ago and her favorites are Butternut squash, apples and pears
Clothes: 6 Month clothes, nine month pajamas & swimsuits  (soooo tall!)
Proud Parent Moment: How she can play up to 20 minutes (maybe longer?) by herself surrounded by her toys- something Jack would never do- it allows me to take showers and get ready in the mornings!  And update this blog : )
Looking forward to:  sitting up completely on her own so that we can take her with Jack to the swimming pool!  Jack LOVES the Aquatic Center and it's so convenient being 5 miles away- we'd love to take Elle in the water too!

....this past month in pictures....

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