Saturday, May 30, 2015

Baby Elle Marie: 7 Months and Summer is here!

Although we are still waking up at 6am with this little angel,  she's by far just the best baby we could have asked for!  She definitely makes her own rules and refuses to be consistent whatsoever when on any type of schedule.  She loves to play with anything Jack-related, whether it be him or his toys!  We finally bought a double stroller this month after Jack has been hitching rides on the Orbit and they think it's hilarious that they get to sit side-by-side :)  When alone, Elle has officially graduated to the Uppa Baby umbrella stroller which makes my life a little easier with how light it is.  She's been getting her first teeth, and I haven't noticed any real fussiness aside from anything normal?  She woke up a few times at night with "real" tears but nothing like how much pain Jack seemed to be in.  :/  We are still working on sitting up alone and tummy time to get ready for playing this summer in the backyard!

Age: 7 Months
Weight/Size: Heavy and long!
Eye & Hair Color, Teeth: Medium brown hair (getting lighter!) and blue eyes, and beginning to get her bottom teeth finally ; )
Favorite/New Words: Happy squeals and "Bababababa"
Favorite Activities:  Front packing at the ya-ya with Jack, "chasing" Jack around the house
Signature Moves:  Eating her toes, rolling from side to side, no crawling or standing yet (PRINCESS   Ellie we call her)
Likes:  Bathtime, stroller walks, being naked, toys she can chew on, her little Elephant lovey blanket, her Humidifier (I don't know why- it glows at night maybe?), being rocked to sleep wrapped up in her blanket (rare now), playing on the floor, Mommy's IPhone and Jack's water bottles
Dislikes: Pears and cherries, and being in one place too long
Mommy Likes & Dislikes:  How overall easy she is during the day, her giggles and how she's starting to say words!!  Jack and I try to get her to say Mama all the time haha!  Dislikes: Napjai
Sleeps: About 7pm-6am with some or no wakings, with 3 naps about 2.5-3 hours apart each, one of those is long and the rest are short 45 minute ones (although this can vary from day to day which drives me crrrraaazzzy!)

Changes in Mood/Behavior:  She definitely understands cause-and-effect now, and she will tell you exactly how she feels!  She also doesn't want to be rocked or soothed before naps anymore and arches her back- fine with me!  She started going down for naps without crying too!
Eating:  4-6oz bottles (decreased w/food intake) and breakfast/lunch/dinner of solids!  Well purees anyways...and a little bit of cheese
Clothes: 6 month clothes for the most part and 9 month pajamas
Proud Parent Moment: When after nap after nap I was rocking her and she was getting too heavy- I just put her down in her crib for a nap one day because I was SO tired and she rolled over and fell asleep herself!!
Looking forward to:  our Palm Springs vacation this month!  I've been buying WAY too many PS outfits for Elle and not nearly enough for Jack & myself :)  Time to go shopping!

....this past month in pictures....

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