Monday, December 22, 2014

Elle Marie: One Month Old!

Elle is officially one month old!!

Age: 1 Month
Weight: 8 pounds 12 ounces- which is what Jack weighed when he was BORN! Lol!  She is in the 25th percentile for weight, 90th for height, and 50th for head size
Eye & Hair Color: Black & blue eyes
New "Thing": She can focus on our faces, follow our voices with her head, and raises one eyebrow when we do something she's not used to- we call it her "Dr. Evil" look LOL  
Likes: Nursing with Mommy, sleeping on fur blankets in the front of the fire, taking baths with Jackson, sitting in her bouncer on the counter while Jack has his meals in his highchair
Dislikes: Her swing
Mommy Likes: Is there anything not to love about a new baby?  I love how small she is, I never had the experience of having such a little thing, and I love that she's a little Girl; of course two boys would have been fun as well, I'm still pinching myself that we have one of each!
Sleeps: 2-3 hours at night and of course a lot during the day, and she loves to sleep on me on night between feedings
Changes in Mood:  she has established a "witching hour" from 6-8pm now that we are working on a bedtime routine
Eating:   BFing every 2-3 hours with a little supplementing
Clothes:  Still in NB clothes! She's so tiny I love it : )
Looking forward to:  sleeping more at night when she drops one of her feedings!  Although I don't mind waking up with her at night at all, just so tired...we are beyond blessed and so lucky to have Elle in our lives!

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