Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Baby Elle: Two Months Old!

Ellie is TWO months old  which means Christmas is right around the corner!  We purchased her first ornament and a few outfits for her to "unwrap" on Christmas Day, but obviously Jack will be the kid getting most of the fun out of the big day planned : )  Elle is doing really well, starting to understand her surroundings more, sleeping longer periods at night, and talking back!  Only the beginning I know.....but she is still just the best baby ever!!

Age: 2 Months
Weight: 10 pounds, 6 oz.  95th percentile in height (24 inches or 2 feet!), 25th in weight, and still 50th in head size
Eye & Hair Color: Super dark brown & blue eyes
New "Thing":   She coos and smiles, mostly in the mornings to myself and her Dad!  She has also noticed the dog recently and is more alert when Jack is running around playing
Likes: Mobiles, looking out windows, being held by Mommy or Daddy, and hearing Jackson's voice
Dislikes: Her carseat, hats and tight headbands that fall into her eyes
Mommy Likes:  Likes: How sweet she is and how beautiful of a baby we have!  Her hair is so soft, and her skin is really clear and eyes still a dark blue : )   
Sleeps: She goes down around 8:45 and on average wakes about 2:30 & 6am right now
Changes in Mood:  way more alert during the day, not just sleeping & eating anymore!  It's almost that time to begin the non-stop "entertaining the infant" stage...
Eating:   BFing every 2-3 hours with a little supplementing
Clothes:  She's too small for NB clothes, but too little for 3Mos clothes!  So currently she's living between a few JCrew & Target outfits that seem to fit ok
Looking forward to:  the day I wake up in the middle of night and realize it's 6am!  Lol!  I'm also looking forward to the first Christmas in Oregon for the kids, and especially for little Jack who is really starting to understand who "Santa" is! : )

....this past month in pictures....

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