Wednesday, August 13, 2014

July: 6 Months Pregnant in the Summatime

It's been easier being pregnant in the summer I've decided; no leggings or socks to pull off, boots to take on & off, I'm really liking the wardrobe choices as well! To say this pregnancy is going fast is an understatement- it's going REALLY fast!  We knew with all the summer months we'd be so busy but looking at the calendar we realize we are getting so close to meeting Baby Elle!  At the doctor appt last week I measured 28 inches at 28 weeks so she's growing well, and we have an ultrasound at 32 weeks to see her progress which is really exciting b/c babies are already so big at the point : )  Jack is still pointing to my stomach when I ask him where the baby is, and yesterday he completely melted my heart when he "gave the baby a hug" around my stomach!  

Month/Week: 6 Months 
Total Weight Gain: 127 pounds soooo 14 lbs?
Feeling: that I'm wayyyyy bigger than I appear....but still good!  A little bit of indigestion has started at night, I always say that's when she is growing her curly hair like Jacks!  
Missing: Ahi Tuna anything- while we were in Hawaii I had just a little taste, I figured it couldn't be "fresher" anywhere else on the planet, right?
Cravings: The sugar cravings have also begun, trying to curb that with popsicles and small handfuls of gummy bears instead of entire bags of caramel popcorn....
Anything making you queasy: The nasty Glucose flat-Sprite-like syrup you have to drink right before your glucose test for pregnancy diabetes, SO gross.....and yes I passed with flying colors- more gummy bears please
I'm Loving: that now Travis can feel her kicks, especially at night, she is a night owl!
Happy or Moody: Happy
Gender: Sweet baby GIRL!
Symptoms: Wanting to not move an inch after we put Jack to sleep- SO exhausted.  Thankfully besides the indigestion I'm doing really well otherwise
Sleep: Elle threw a party well past 11pm the other night- I had to wake up Travis to talk to her so she'd calm down- and it worked!
Wedding Rings On Still?:  With this heat wave we've been having, they are suffocating my fingers so I'm down to one ring on each hand
Looking forward to: really soaking up any one-on-one time I have with Jackson knowing my house will be filled with two babies soon!  We are also very excited to be home from Hawaii and getting ready for our next mini-family vacay to Lost Lake this month!

Major cravings....

Also: Popsicles
Gummy Bears

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