Sunday, August 3, 2014

July: 17 Months Old!

It's hard to imagine we can almost say we have a "1 and a half year old"....!  Jackson is having a great summer so far, all the outdoor activities and places to go in Oregon are endless during these months, which keeps him entertained and busy (and gives us plenty of reasons to get out of the house!)  Jackson can say almost ALL his ABC's (so proud) and point out all his main body parts, and laughs so much at the dog when they play or hang out together now.  He's been showing a really big interest in babies lately too, and the more I hold other newborns the more he seems to be getting used to the idea, and yes- he still "wants a baby" if we ask him : )

Age: 17 Months
Weight/Size: 24 lbs
Favorite Words: (in Jack's close-to-English language) Blue! Yellow! Purple! Cheese! Teeth! Knee!
Favorite Activities:  Looking at pictures on the computer, playing in the backyard with his dump truck, jumping on "Bobby" his stuffed giraffe chair, Swiffer-ing, and watching all the trucks work on the new houses outside from our bonus room
Signature Moves: Besides his bouncing at the knees dance, he's picked up a new dance move of holding his hands in fists and waving his arms from side to side
Likesany music he can dance to, all types of trucks, any toys he can push around the house, bubble baths, boat & seadoo rides, and visits from Grandma(s)
Dislikes: Dirt on the floor (eww-ee!)
Mommy Likes & Dislikes:  His laughs and how easy it is to make him smile when you get down on the floor and interact with him : ) Dislikes: Meltdowns in Target the minute we get in there (ok YES, you can push the cart just stop screaming!)
Sleeps: 8:30pm bedtime (Thanks to OR summers), 7am wake, naps 1-3 now!!
Changes in Mood/Behavior: Overall he is a sweet & enjoyable kid that pretty much goes along with the flow as long as he's given some opportunity to enjoy himself along the way- yesterday however when I didn't "play with his dump truck" the exact way he wanted me to, he closed his eyes...screamed..stomped his feet..and ran to & from the kitchen doing this- where did he learn THAT from?  Lol
Eating: Sippy cup of milk 3x/day, cereal or yogurt with his spoon, pickles, blueberries from the backyard and dipping chips or pretzels into salsa/hummus/anything!
Clothes: Just getting the last little bit of use out of his 12-18mo clothes, can't wait for him to bump up a size to wear all his cute clothes I've been saving!
Looking forward to:  Our last minute (Daddy work trip) to Oahu!!  We'll be on our own for two days which is totally fine with me based on how much Jack has been enjoying our mini vacations!  A little scared for the long flight but that's what first class is for, right? ; )

....this past month in pictures....

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