Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January: 11 Months Old : )

This past month I couldn't have been more happy to have the opportunity and the privilege of staying home with little Jack- from 10 to 11 months he has been developing mentally like CRAZY, not to mention physically with his attempts at walking by himself.  He literally starting crawling at 10 months on all fours and almost two weeks later began scaling the bed, furniture, stairs, and walls to get where he wants to go!  He has also dropped a bottle, and is so close to dropping a nap!  Still very eager to explore new foods, places and toys, but is beginning the "I don't want to sit in a stroller anymore" phase....he also now loves going to the play structures in the park or at the mall and interacting with other kids, especially with the older kids whom he could probably just observe all day.  His temperament is so sweet,  he already shares so well, and doesn't get too upset if a mean kid won't let him play with them (even if it pisses me off haha!)  I can't wait to see his personality continue to blossom- we are almost to the ONE YEAR mark!!

Age: 11 Months
Weight/Size: I think about 22+ pounds, time for the toddler car seat!
Favorite Words: Da-da, Nay-nay, & Mom-ma (in that order)
Favorite Activities: Unrolling the toilet paper, going down the slide (and trying to walk back up it), "running" while holding our hands, playing on his activity table, rolling & chasing balls around the kitchen
Signature Moves: Holding furniture or walls while he attempts to walk, and my favorite-saying "Ahhhhh..." when he lays his head down on something soft LOL
Likes: Play structures, playing with Daddy, bubble baths, going down the slide, reading his books, pushing his walker around the house, stuffed animals, open/closing doors, throwing & kicking his ball, riding the rocking horse
Dislikes: The sand at the beach
Mommy Likes & Dislikes: His "pterodactyl" screams/laughs- although most parents may cringe at these high-pitched laugh/shreeks, I can't get enough of them!! ; )  Nothing in this world gives me more joy than hearing Jackson laugh. Dislikes: Bratty undisciplined kids at the playground, pay attention to your children people!
Sleeps: 7:30pm-7amish, moving to one long nap, but gets tired by 10:30am and sleeps for about 1.5 hours, and takes a short/no nap in the afternoon
Changes in Mood/Behavior: His babysitter hasn't seen him in over a month, and her exact words were, "He's a lot more cuddly....and a lot wilder" LOL
Eating: Bottle 3x/day (7am, 11:30ish, 5pm) and finger foods (cheese, puffs, goldfish), fruit pouches, and pretty much anything Mommy & Daddy are eating
Clothes: 12 month clothing & 18mo pajamas
Looking forward to: Obviously Jackson's FIRST birthday, I have been planning for weeks!!  Also our big move to Portland, Oregon!  After much anticipation and planning we finally have a move date of Feb 7th (Daddy's bday).  We will live on the river in Travis' grandparents summer house until we begin our house project!! Baby in the PDX :)  Here we come!

....this past month in pictures.....

Pool time with Dad!

Lounging around on Sunday morning

Jack's first Strawberry

Beach lunch date with Mommy and first swing ride

Trying on cowboy hats...sans clothing....

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