Monday, January 6, 2014

December: 10 Months Old

Wow, what a difference just a month can make in baby land!  This month he has become WAY more independent, thankfully b/c carrying him everywhere was getting really exhausting....could coincide with Jack learning how to crawl on all fours now so he's eager to explore,  plus Mommy Dearest doesn't have to constantly entertain him around the clock now (you other Mom's know what I'm talking about- half the battle is just THINKING of what "to do next").  Christmas is in full swing around our new apartment, the tree is all lit up and Jackson has a tree of his own in his room which he loves to look at once a day at the least!  Only 8 more days until Christmas!!

Age: 10 Months
Weight/Size: 20 whopping pounds- this kid is getting heavy
Favorite Words: Nay-nay (I think this means no-no....not sure lol!)
Favorite Activities: Opening and shutting cabinets doors, this can keep him entertained for hours!  
Signature Moves: Finally crawling on all fours!!  I blame our wood floors in the Meadowridge house for the late crawling, he really seems to dig the carpet in our "fancy" apartment overlooking the 91 freeway...
Likes: Fruit squeegee things...not sure how else to describe them but after our peditrician told me I was crazy for still making all his food I've moved on to this little's the same food I've been giving him but in a pouch he can eat by himself.  
Dislikes: Wearing all the cute little beanies I've bought him from Baby least he doesn't pull them off yet
Mommy Likes & Dislikes:  Baby Independence!  This month marks when I can actually get stuff done around the house while the baby is AWAKE! Praise Jesus.  Dislikes: When Jack shuts himself inside a bathroom or closet (and I have to open the door on him to get him out haha!)
Sleeps: We've shifted bedtime to around 7:30pm and wake around 7am; morning nap moved back to 9:30-10am for about 1.5 hours, quick 30-60min nap around 3pm
Changes in Mood/Behavior: He's SO proud of himself and looks at us when he accomplishes something on his own, it's SO heartwarming!  Also barely cries at nap time or bedtime : )
Eating: WOAH.  This month has been major...I've managed to move him to 4 bottles a day, with my goal at 3 "milk" feedings by one.  Bottles still since we are in a transition period, I haven't wanted to take them away just yet...anyways here is the schedule: 
7am: 8oz bottle
8:30am: Breakfast (finger food, greek yogurt squeegee, organic waffles/pancakes)
11am: 6oz bottle, two scoops formula & one scoop oatmeal cereal
12:30: Lunch (finger foods, fruit squeegee, whatever I'm eating)
3pm: 6-8oz bottle w/2 scoops formula and one scoop oatmeal/cereal
5pm: Dinner!!  Combo of above with veggie squeegee
6:30-7pm: Last 6oz bottle all formula
Clothes: 12 month everything, footless pajamas b/c 12mo is too small and 18mo is too big!
Looking forward to: Our Xmas vacation in Oregon!  We'll be going for two weeks and testing out our new Oregon home on the river that we'll live in when we officially move back to OR :)

....this past month in pictures.....

My Perfect Angel

My perfect I-didn't-do-it Angel...

Clothes are overrated, duh.

 Christmas Lights night walk was a fan favorite...although he passed out before we got home!

This is our house.....

......ok who are we kidding, it's a house that looks JUST like ours so I can always pretend, right?

Jack helping address our Christmas cards....

The infamous squeegee....where would I be without these miracle baby inventions?!

Painting something special for Glam-ma....TBA!

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