Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October: The MONTH of Halloween

The month of Halloween is one of my favorite, favorite times of year because it’s essentially the kickoff month for the holidays, which now that I have Jack, I have an even bigger excuse to completely obsess!   Now that October 1st is here,  the baby is in his orange & black Baby Gap outfit I’ve been saving for over a month!! 

The little kid pumpkin patch is open now at the Irvine Park out by our house, and years ago Travis and I went out to this park thinking we could simply pick out a pumpkin like we did at the patches in Oregon….annnnnnd we vowed never to go back until we had a child because there were literally HUNDREDS of kids screaming and crying and running and……so anyways, we went back this weekend with Jack in his October outfit naturally, it was only 93 degrees, UGH.  This Indian Summer is killing me. He did SO good posing though with the pumpkins, he’s a natural. 

True life: I put him in Halloween socks in September because I just couldn't take it anymore….I’m sure the daycare thinks I’m completely crazy but I don’t care.

PS- Our first week finally at home together as a Stay at Home mommy & baby, we are loving it!!

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