Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October: 8 Months Old!

I can officially say this was by far the fastest month yet, 4 weeks has seriously flown by!  Jack is already turning into the sweetest little boy...
 I feel like the baby stage is going to be over WAY too soon, but he's already somewhat mobile (pulling himself up, army crawling) and gets irritated by excessive smooches on his puffy baby cheeks....

Age: 8 Months
Weight/Size: 19+ lbs
Favorite Words: Mom-ma (over and over again), and "Ehh??"
Favorite Activities: Reading books (Pat the Bunny is the current fave), playing with interactive toys that have sounds & lights, eating in his highchair
Signature Moves: Army-crawling!  I love it, finally somewhat mobile and I can actually verify that he wants to be near me when he attempts to get into the kitchen where I am, haha!  He can also hold his bottle with ONE hand now…..
Likes: His guppy fish toy in the bath, the bath, standing (holding onto something) by himself, books and shaking/hitting anything that can make noise
Dislikes: Having to lie down for anything but a bottle or nighttime (yes, major protests now at every diaper changing.)
Mommy Likes & Dislikes:  His giggles & hearing him say “Mom-ma” when he can’t see me, I feel like he actually knows that’s my name now?  Dislikes: Sick babies at the daycare that are contagious!!
Sleeps: 8pm-6:30am still; trying to officially move to two big naps a day without his afternoon powernap….
Changes in Mood/Behavior: SO much more responsive the older he gets, and thankfully way less crying outbursts b/c we are way better at understanding each other now!  He has 4 teeth now but you’d never know, he’s taking teething like a champ.  Or like a baby vampire..which is how he’s looking with only his top canine teeth in. LOL
Eating 8 ounces 5x a day, solids (or mushy) now at lunch AND dinner- guacamole, carrots & apples are the favorite!  He also begins dinner with “star puffs”; he is getting SO good at pinching the little puffs with his thumb & pointer finger : )
Clothes: 6-12 month everything (thank you GAP!)

Looking forward to: finally staying at home with Jack and doing all the fun activities I’ve been saving up for months now, I can’t wait for my life to be a little less hectic…..YES it will be a lot of work, but great work!

....this past month in pictures.....
It's still October, and I haven't had my fill of Halloween yet, obviously.  Thank you Target for setting it up SO late this year in your stores.

Finally decided to pull the trigger on a pack n' play for Jackson after reading countless reviews on simplicity and weight (I like to make my life as easy as possible with this little guy hanging on me at the same time)....and we got the 4MOMS Breeze playyard, which is a little heavier than the Nuna Sena one, but by far the easiest one-touch/handed setup/take down!

Jackson came home with his first "school pictures"; ok so obviously he was crying right before they managed to squeeze a smile out of this kid, so aside from the puffy eyes we like to joke that he looks like a little Used Crib salesman:

Some other goodies..

"Standing" by himself (well...holding anyways)

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