Sunday, November 8, 2015

Elle Turns 1 and throws a Summer Secret Garden Soiree!

24 oversized paper flowers, 17 kids, and perfect 75 degree weather makes for a damn good time (and a lot of cleanup omg...)  Elle's party was a great success!  The weather was so perfect, and thank goodness because we had a LOT of people over at our house, plus 2 friends (Karyn & Lynnae) up visiting from California!  Elle got a lot of clothes and some toys, and all her friends had so much fun opening up the presents and chowing down on the poppy-shaped cookie favors.  Elle actually enjoyed her smash cake, as you can see below- and now of course Jack "can't wait" until our next party...whew...I need a good year to recover! ;) 

A little prefunking the night before the party with bestie Karyn!

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