Sunday, October 18, 2015

Elle is 11 Months Old and Jack-isms!

HOTTEST.SUMMER.EVER. Really, even the news seems to think so, we've had 25 days of over 90 degree heat in Oregon which is so insane for the PNWest.  However, this has allowed for plenty of river days, Taco Tuesdays and park outings!  Jack is slowly starting to realize that Baby Ellie is not just a blob and an actual playmate, and Elle is starting to realize that if she reacts loudly to Jack taking a toy from her that she'll get it back.  #SAHMLife

Age: 11 Months
Weight/Size: Just.....HEAVY.  And to tall for infant car seat :)
Eye & Hair Color, Teeth: Blue/Green- SO pretty!!  Dark brown hair & same 4 teeth
Nicknames: Baby Wee, Sister Wolf, Princess Ellie
Favorite/New Words: Shaking her head "no"- does that count??
Favorite Activities:  Swimming in the pool
Signature Moves:  KICK KICK KICK, sister, kick kick kick!
Likes: Anything that lights up, LOVES listening & watching music videos, loves when Daddy comes home!
Dislikes: when Jack "steals" a toy from her- we are working on sharing now haha
Mommy Likes & Dislikes:  Getting ready and shopping for all the fun Fall apparel for baby girls, it's true that they really do drain your bank account early on! And although Elle is still not mobile, I love that she can play independently while I take a shower! Dislikes: when she cries halfway through my shower :)
Sleeps: 7:30/8pm-6:30/7am, naps 10 & 3 for 45min to 1.5 hours
Looking forward to:  her "Summer Soiree First Birthday" party!  I've been planning for so long now I feel like it should have already happened

Current Jack-isms:
"Bubbles, bay-bee!"
"That might be fun!"
" talking!"
"Who's afraid of Sister Woof!?"
"I have poop in my scoop!!"
"No scaries at Nana's"
"No monkeys in the bathroom"
"Almost a fish!"
"I want to go to the YA-YA!!"
"I want to get back in your tummy Mama!"
"Wrap me like a burrito"
"I need my nap milk, that will make me feel better!"
"Bandaids are for BABIES!" (THANKS Dadda)
"AWWW BAE-BEE!!" (when Elle breaks something)

....this past month in pictures....

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