Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April: Easter is here and Spring is near....

Jackson had SO much fun last year Easter-egg-hunting (so much we had to "hide" eggs around the house for weeks after and eventually hide the eggs up in a closet somewhere) , we couldn't wait to see his reaction now a whole year older!  And of course I couldn't wait to see Elle in her Easter dress :) The kids were lucky enough to have TWO Easter's this year- one at Church and "Green Grandma's", then one at Nana & Bobbo's the following weekend : )  Jackson's quotes of
Easter: "Open, peez!"  "More eggs!"  "Missy's house for mo eggs!"  "Here's ano-der one!" "That's not can-dyyyyy!" "Where's my "easer" basset??"

Easter Round 1

Easter Round 2!

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