Monday, November 24, 2014

Elle Marie Olson- A Birth Story

October 16th, 39 Weeks.  Exactly.  4:30am alarm went off, and by 5:30am Travis and I were on our way to Emanuel Hospital in Portland to have Baby Elle!!  I was totally calm this time around, no speeding or contractions, and knowing that I'd be actually coherent during the surgery somewhat excited me??  I kept telling Travis on the way to make sure he took pictures AND videotaped this time, since we are sort of pros at this time and know what to expect!  We had no idea with Jackson that we'd even be having a C-section, let alone knew that you could take pictures in the operating room?  We checked in at 6:30am and I was hooked up to monitor the baby's heartbeat and got my IV in (didn't hurt at all!).

Around 9am the nurses were ready to wheel me into the OR, and Travis was given his surgery clothes:

Ok at this point I was nervous.  Or anxious.  Or a little terrified knowing I'd be completely awake this time- whatever it was I was shaking in the OR waiting for Travis getting my spinal tap (again, barely hurt, Thank God) and our doctor Stempel was ready to go!  Travis held my hand and tried to distract me during the tugging and knawing that was going on during the surgery, and I just kept praying that she would be ok.  Less than five minutes and I heard Baby Ellie cry when she came out!!  I burst into tears hearing her voice and her APGAR scores they shouted out, "9" and "9" (Jackson wasn't breathing or crying when he came out and at first received at "2" thus I was SO relieved to hear all of this).  In less than 18 minutes, I was stitched up and had our sweet baby girl on my chest, and I was instantly hooked- obsessed- with this little girl.  Best feeling I've ever had as she laid there looking around, completely awake but quiet as Travis and I spoke to her for the first time : )

We were moved to the brand new Randall Children's hospital wing after an hour to our home for the next 3 days, and had the BEST view of downtown Portland!  It was sunny and in the low 70's when she was born, and it couldn't have been a prettier day.

Elle immediately latched also to my complete surprise, and we marveled over her beauty and of course, lots of black hair!  For three days we had visitors, including brother Jack, who instantly wanted in Daddy's lap to help hold "the baby".

When the three days of vacation were up, it was time to go home!! The hospital staff was amazing, the room was amazing, and they tried really hard not to wake us up at night- completely different experience this time around and I couldn't be happier with how everything went!

First night with Baby Elle

Our "checklist" :)

Elle's First Bath!!

Welcome to the world little Elle, our lives are now fulfilled and we know that you were the last piece of our puzzle to the happiest life we could have asked for : )  We love you!

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